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Meet the Varner Family!

Talk about doing the no rain dance!  I think myself and Shari were dancing it full out!  The forecast called for rain all weekend but with a little luck and our awesome dancing abilities, the rain held off.  What an awesome family the Varner’s were.  Meet Shari, Phil, Kara, Erica and of course the family dog.  Shari wanted family pictures with an autumn feel and boy did this park deliver.  Kara and Erica were awesome to shoot.  I love the dramatic looks these girls could pull off!  I think I got a little snappy with the photo trigger finger but when you have such a fun family, a girl could not resist. Enjoy the Varner’s!


Amazing pics Holly! It is so fun to check out your blog and see all the new photos you have taken!

Mallory, Megan and J.T. on Main Street

Now how cute are these three darlings!   Meet Mallory, Megan and J.T.  Are their outfits not adorable or what!  J.T. totally rocked his “tie” too.  We could not have asked for better weather or lighting on this fine fall day.  The leaves were just beginning to turn so we got a nice mix of greens, reds and yellows. Great scenery and great models.  I love my job!  Mallory and Megan loved the camera and needed little prompting.  They kept asking if they could go here or move their head this way.  Watch out, we may have  a couple of American Top Models on our hands!  We got so many great shots of the kids, it was hard to pick blog pics! I got a little carried away I must say but sit back and enjoy all those “toothless” smiles!

Autumn Fun with Dylan and Logan

The weather was crisp, the leaves were changing and two adorable brothers in the park. What more could a photographer ask for! Meet Logan and Dylan. Logan loved the camera, those piercing eyes. Just absolutely adorable. Dylan just had a blast doing what two year olds do best but what fun he was. Even though it was chilly, you would never know it. It did not damper these boys spirits what so ever! I had such a good time with this family. Thanks for sharing this autumn day with me.


These pictures are wonderful! I can’t wait to get the CD to see the rest! You did an awesome job! Thank you!!

Carly’s Newborn Session

You might remember the stunning belly pictures of Sara taken not too long ago…well here is the end result!  Baby Carly is just to precious for words!  She was very inquisitive and did not want to miss one second of the session.  Big brother Colin was also very excited about everything going on.  It definitely was my pleasure getting to snap more pictures of this adorable family of four.  Congratulations on your newest addition. She is absolutely perfect!


Once again, the photos are wonderful! Thank you!


Absolutely beautiful!

Chelsea Gardner

Gorgeous!!! Sara, your family is absolutely beautiful!

Katie Cook

Faith and Patience takes a photographer like you farther than the star. Go for your dreams.


We just got the CD, and they are all beautiful!

Addison at the Jewel Box

I’ve been so busy taking pictures of everyone else lately, I felt like I have been missing out on capturing my own little Doodle Bug, Addison. Oh let me tell you the Grandparents can attest! I’ve had a hankering for trying out the Jewel Box lately, so off we went. It’s a tad hard playing both the mommy card and the photographer card but I think together we got some awesome shots of her!


I think those are adorable! I would have never guessed that you were playing both cards! You definitely caught some cute poses with her. I love her smile!

Laura Thrash

These are beautiful!!!

Chelsea Gardner

There’s my darling girl!! Aunt Chewy loves you, Addison!


So pretty! (Addison and the photos!)

Gramdma Ellyn

What more can I say? The pictures say it all!