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Kyle Rocks the Shot

Ok I had too much fun with Kyle during his Senior pic session. He was not a fan of having his pictures taken but was willing to do so for his momma. How sweet is that! I think he didn’t actually mind it too much though once we got started. We got some awesome shots if I say so myself! Kyle is about to graduate and is heading off to Rolla to study engineering. Oh to be young again! Congrats Kyle on your upcoming graduation and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors! Thank you for letting me be a part of this exciting time in your life.


Spring-tastic Giveaway!

I love giveaways!!! I personally never win anything but love the idea of winning! Who wouldn’t right! Now is a time to win a free one hour session with Holly Dawn Photography. I thought it was time I offered a giveaway too, because A) they are FUN, B) I just launched my new website this month and C) it’s just for funzies!

So What’s Up For Grabs??

This is for all of you who would like to win an hour long on location maternity, family, tots/kids or senior portrait session with Holly Dawn Photography. How cool, you get to pick!

The contest starts now and will end on Monday, May 23rd at 8PM CST.  The winner will be drawn randomly and posted here within the same week.

If you can’t use this yourself, you are welcome to win for a friend and gift it to them.  I can give you a nice gift certificate if you’d like! If you have questions or don’t understand something, please contact me via email to:  holly@hollydawnphotography.com

In it to WIN IT:

There are FIVE different ways to enter: (you can do just one or do them all! The more you do the more chances you have to win)

  1. ”Like” Holly Dawn Photography on Facebook and leave a comment/share some love.
  2. Copy and Paste this to your Facebook Status, be sure to change the Holly Dawn Photography to @hollydawnphotography:   “I just entered a Facebook Photo Session Giveaway from Holly Dawn Photography! Details are at http://www.hollydawnphotography.com/blog
  3. Suggest to friends that they “Like” Holly Dawn Photography, then have them leave some love on the Facebook wall saying that they were sent by you. Please comment here on this blog post with YOUR name as well so I give you credit for their “likes”.
  4. If you are a current client, send me a picture of your Holly Dawn Photography Photographs up and framed in your house. You can email the pictures holly@hollydawnphotography.com OR post it on my Facebook wall, then leave a comment here that you sent it.
  5. Follow Holly Dawn Photography on Twitter at @hollydawnphoto

Be creative! Send emails to family and friends, post on wall pages/fan pages etc. Just spread the word guys and gals to anyone. The more the merrier if you ask me, plus each referral gets your name in the drawing. Really you want the odds in your favor right!

*IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave a comment HERE on this blog post for each item you have done (and tell me which you did) to be entered in the random drawing to win a FREE hour photo session!!!!!!! You will be entered into the drawing for each item you choose to do!

Good luck!

Christy Dalton

I’m posting on my FB page to check out your site and like her to get free photography.

Hello Holly,
I did numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 on your list to get entered into the contest for the free session, I liked your facebook page and commented, I copy and pasted the facebook status, referred you to friends and am now following you on twitter :) I hope I win! Your work is amazing!


Your pictures are so cute. I want to win the contest so bad for my adorable niece. I did number 1 and I am working on number 3.

Chelsea Gardner

Well, it looks like I got Aaron Kauppila and Pamela Oberkrom to “like” your page on FB…hoping to get some more friends on there!! :)

Chelsea Gardner

You know I love all your pictures and tell you all the time, but I still love the photo session we had last summer. We had the best time and the pictures turned out fantastic!! I still get compliments all the time. Can’t wait to get engaged one day so you can do those pics too! :)

Chelsea Gardner

Okay, Holly sorry I keep posting…I keep forgetting what I need to be posting on here. I have completed steps 1, 2 & 3…I already follow you on Twitter, but plan to post a picture of one of my framed pictures in my house soon. :)

Amanda Vollmer

I did step 1-3 in the giveaway.


Chelsea Gardner

#4 is now complete….okay, I think I’m set for now. ;)

Sara Costello

Okay, I basically did 2, as well as 4!

Kimberly LaRussa

I did 1 & 2 Chelsea had shown me your work… lovely.
-Kim LaRussa


I posted a link on my FB wall. :)

Jackie Briner

I have done 1, 2, &3 for the giveaway!


I liked you on facebook and left a comment. Hope to win!

My Sweet Girly Girl!

We get a nice spring day finally and Addie wants to play outside. She keeps telling me how much she hates winter and snow and wants “pring.” Yes she does not say “spring” just yet. She is not like your typical kiddo, she wanted to play outside in her giant pettiskirt. My Addie is all girl let me tell you. The more girly the better. I just received a new blanket for newborn shoots and was dying to use it. Addie told me she would pretend to be a baby and sit in a basket for me like my babies in pictures. Well what mommy would pass up that offer! Ok a two year old just does not fit like a newborn but that did not slow her down in the slightest. We had so much fun taking pictures together even though she was only mildly cooperative! It was hard to imagine that it did indeed snow just four days later and we were out back building a snowman! Enjoy Addie’s taste of spring!



Addie is so adorable! These pictures are beautiful.

Carly’s Six Month Baby Blues

You may remember Carly from her newborn session six months ago.  Can you believe she is already six months old? I just melt looking into her blue eyes.  They have such a sparkle to them.  Carly has also got the chubby leg thing going on and let me just tell you it is absolutely precious!  Her mommy and I joked about at what age is that not a good thing but for now it’s awesome.  Carly has just learned to sit up and is still a little topsy turvey.  She did not want to lay on her back or really do tummy time.  She was not going to have it! It was all about sitting up.  This is such a fun age! I look forward to watching those baby blues learn and experience all life has to offer.  Enjoy the many faces of Carly!


Surprise 90th Birthday Party!

Sarah is just absolutely precious! I can see why her friends and family wanted to celebrate her by throwing her a surprise party for her 90th birthday. Yes you read that right, Sarah is 90! Does she not look fabulous or what! You can tell by her face she was completely surprised and did not expect anything more than a causal lunch. Several family members even flew in to surprise her.  The details were so perfect and everything looked wonderful. When cutting her cake, she commented that she did not get to formally cut her wedding cake, so after 60 years, Sarah got the honor of slicing into a gorgeous cake just for her. Congratulations on all you have accomplished and here is to celebrating many more years and memories. Cheers and Happy 90th Birthday Sarah!


Chelsea Gardner

Sara is absolutely adorable! Makes me miss my Grandma Gardner who just turned 95!