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Itty Bitty Kylie

Ok, all babies are cute and roly but they have nothing on Kylie! She brings new meaning to squishy, chunky and roly poly. These adjectives are what all mommies want their babies to be and she set a new record within the family on both sides I do believe! I have never seen such precious lips before! Jamie and Dave you did awesome! It was so much fun getting to work with and to know this family. Kylie was a surprise and was lovingly called Baby G throughout mommy’s pregnancy. She had the most perfect pair of bloomers stating her nickname. Kylie slept through the whole session so I never got to see those peepers but sleeping babies make for divine pictures! Loved the entire family picture with the dogs included. The dogs were definitely the “first” kids of the family and have loved their new sister. Congrats Jamie and Dave. Kylie is just perfect and welcome to parenthood. It’s the ride of a lifetime.


Fallin’ Around Main Street with the Osborn Family

Would you take a look at this adorable family!  They all have the most gorgeous eyes!  Meet the Osborn Family!  Lara, Josh and Jillyan.  All I can say is that Jillyan has got so much energy and a personality that goes on for days.  She definitely is full of spunk!  I think we got some wonderful shots of Miss Jillyan for her Momma!  I had a blast shooting this family on one gorgeous November day on Main Street.


These pictures turned out great! Lara your eyes really pop out in your photos and what a beautiful family you have! :)


Chelsea… I KNOW, my eyes look erie!! LOL To me anyway, but thank you for the wonderful compliments! I am very happy with the turn out, even if my crazy Daughter was super silly!

Saturday in the Park with the Sandberg Family

What a beautiful day for pictures.  I think tons of families had the same idea, because the park was packed to the brim with families, and brides getting their pictures taken.  I definitely had the cutest family of the bunch let me tell you!  Meet Dave, Stephanie and little Alexis.  They were so much fun to shoot.  Alexis got a kick out of walking up to the camera and playing peak a boo.  Did I mention she just came alive talking about Sesame Street and her upcoming Halloween costume?  Those subjects definitely brought a twinkle to her eye and my camera ate it up!  Well my camera loved the entire family, how could it not!  They were so sweet and so easy to capture.  I completely loved my Saturday in the Park with the Sandberg’s!

Kara and Erica Cheering on the Warriors’ at Senior Night

Talk about needing hand warmers, gloves and jackets!  It got cold for the last football game of the year for the Saint Charles West Warriors.  I had the honor of capturing Kara and Erica in all of their high school glory.  One sister was saying farewell as a cheerleader as she is a senior and one sister was retiring from the band.  Anyone who lives in the area, knows we West fans have an amazing band.  They are out there in the rain, sleet and snow.  Never a day off and it shows. Both girls did an amazing job and it was bittersweet for their family.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience.  Hope I did not embarrass you girls too much in the process!  You are amazingly good sports!

Meet the Varner Family!

Talk about doing the no rain dance!  I think myself and Shari were dancing it full out!  The forecast called for rain all weekend but with a little luck and our awesome dancing abilities, the rain held off.  What an awesome family the Varner’s were.  Meet Shari, Phil, Kara, Erica and of course the family dog.  Shari wanted family pictures with an autumn feel and boy did this park deliver.  Kara and Erica were awesome to shoot.  I love the dramatic looks these girls could pull off!  I think I got a little snappy with the photo trigger finger but when you have such a fun family, a girl could not resist. Enjoy the Varner’s!


Amazing pics Holly! It is so fun to check out your blog and see all the new photos you have taken!