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Most Adorable Tiny Tyke

Who says bigger is better? I just could not get enough of little Brayden who weighed I don’t even think 4 pounds at our session. He has the most amazing story and he is nothing but a healthy and thriving little guy. He sure gave us a scare by entering the world early but he proved he was a fighter from the get go. Watch out mom and dad, Brayden does not seem to do anything by the book. I love his spunk! I think you have many years ahead of you by being kept on your toes. He seriously has the tiniest little features. I could just hold him all day long! I am so lucky that I have a job where I get to work with such wonderful miracles. Enjoy your time with baby Brayden! The old cliche is true. They do grow up too fast.

Laurie Stabile

I love them! They are adorable! Thank you for such an amazing gift! You did a great job!

The Adventures of Ellie

What do you get when you combine exploration, toddler and a photo shoot? One photographer on the lickity split! Meet little Ellie, for whom I named this post the Adventures of Ellie. She was so curious about her surroundings and she never missed a beat. She was a girl on the go that’s for sure but I love when they make me work for the shot. It’s the thrill of the chase so they say. I think we definitely got some adorable pictures to celebrate her life and times as a fast paced two year old. I also had a great time getting to know her mommy and daddy. I wish Ellie many more fun and fantastic adventures! Enjoy her adventure from one sunny and oh so hot July day!

“Knox” My Socks Off

So you may remember a little bit ago seeing the beautiful blooming belly of Jackie B, well this is the end result! Met baby Knox. Now tell me he is not a gorgeous baby! Everything about him just screams pure yummy-ness! I love getting to do newborn shoots of families that I had the honor of doing their maternity pictures. It is so nice for me getting to see the before and after of  a growing family. After a short five hours from start to finish (yes insert the dropped jaw that number says five only) Knox was here. He was such a good sport and let us set the stage for his close ups without the use of a heater. It was a whopping 109 out that day so the thought of a heater made us all quiver. What a sport Knox is! Speaking of sport, Knox’s daddy is a HUGE Ohio State fan and what picture would not be complete without Knox and a football! Loved it! The football was way bigger than he was but I’m sure in no time at all Knox and Daddy will be in the back yard tossing the pigskin around. Jackie and Travis, congratulations on baby Knox and welcome to parenthood. It’s a wild ride but so worth the taking. He really did “Knox” my socks off!


I could just look at these pictures all day! I love my little man! Again you have an AMAZING eye and your work is AWESOME!!!

Horsing Around at Addie’s Third Birthday Party

Ok, ok, ok yes I know another personal post but I just could not resist myself. My little Addie just turned three and had what I thought was an amazing birthday party. If you know my daughter, you know her world revolves around horses so we headed out to what felt like the middle of no where and she got on a little boot scootin’ boogie with her friends. All her little friends got to ride horses which was such a neat experience for so many of her friends. This was the first time many were even up close and personal with a horse, let alone had ever ridden one. It was so cute that Addie got to share a passion of hers with her friends. They played games, made crafts and ate an amazing cake! Oh the best part, my husband was behind the camera for most of the party so he got to put his own stamp on some of the pics below. I was super busy being the hostess with the mostess! I did not want to bore ya’ll (see I got my cowgirl going on tonight) with a ton of pictures but you get the idea! Giddy up and enjoy.

Lisa genovese

Awww. We had a good day. And great pics

Addie’s First Time Seeing the Ocean

Ok more mommy posts! I know you all want to see more of my Addison (well grandparents for sure). The  flight was interesting with a small child who does not understand that when the flight attendant tells you you must turn off all small devices that actually means the iPad which she so lovingly calls the “iPuter.” Yeah there was a toddler tantrum. The skies were not so friendly! After what felt like the longest decent in all of the history of aviation, we were beach bound. My husband was so excited to run in the surf with Addie. I secretly had my fears that she would hate it but was trying to remain optimistic. It’s a good thing I am not a betting woman! She HATED it. I was already to get my mom cry on….oh it’s so exciting my Addie saw the beach for the first time…. cue the music! Well there was music playing but not the academy award kind, more the kind you hear when you are being chased in the woods by a masked man! These are the pics of Addie seeing the ocean and walking in the sand for the first time. Getting her to stand in the sand was a major deal. It took three, yes you read that correctly, three days for her to settle down and actually get off the towel to touch the sand. You wanna know how she was lured into the sand and surf? We pretended to be horses! Yes horses love to run on the beach and in the water in case you did not know so that’s what we did. Yes insert in your memory me and Addie running up and down the beach like horses. Oh the things we do for our little ones! Enjoy the memories of the Thompson Family beach extravaganza.