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Addison at the Jewel Box

I’ve been so busy taking pictures of everyone else lately, I felt like I have been missing out on capturing my own little Doodle Bug, Addison. Oh let me tell you the Grandparents can attest! I’ve had a hankering for trying out the Jewel Box lately, so off we went. It’s a tad hard playing both the mommy card and the photographer card but I think together we got some awesome shots of her!


I think those are adorable! I would have never guessed that you were playing both cards! You definitely caught some cute poses with her. I love her smile!

Laura Thrash

These are beautiful!!!

Chelsea Gardner

There’s my darling girl!! Aunt Chewy loves you, Addison!


So pretty! (Addison and the photos!)

Gramdma Ellyn

What more can I say? The pictures say it all!

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