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Faust Park Family Photography | Umbenhaur Family

Meet the adorable Umbenhaur Family. Otherwise known as Kristin, Austin, Avery and soon to be baby Uumbenhaur.  Yeah you read that right, soon to be baby. Kristin barely looked pregnant. I had a bit of envy when she got out of the car. I was a tank when I was pregnant with my Addie. Well enough about me and back to this adorable family! Kristen and Austin were so sweet. I loved working with them. Avery was all toddler and could not be bothered with pictures. She gave me my cardio workout for the day, but as I’ve said in previous posts, I love the thrill of the chase! She could not be any more cute.  We all were singing “Let It Go” in the Field to get her attention. She danced and sang right along with us. I know you know that song and now have it stuck in your head. Sorry! Avery loved it! Enjoy an evening filled with fun and awesome golden light. The Umbenhaur Family.




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