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Hasta La Vista to Discs and Hello Download Delivery With PASS

Technology is amazing these days and there are so many new gadgets out there and the future of media and sharing is so different from what it used to be. With that said, Holly Dawn Photography is saying “Hasta La Vista” to discs and “Hello” to PASS!

I know what you maybe thinking, “What about my disc of photos? I love getting digital files!” I’ve been thinking about how to go about this since the newest computers on the market do not even have disc drives in them (thank you Apple for always pushing innovation I guess). CDs and DVDs are a dying technology. Now what…. well the answer is PASS! It’s my job as your photographer to keep up with technology and to make sure my clients are not receiving out of date products! So what is PASS?

Simply put, each session will receive a PASS gallery (password protected) rather than a disc of images. With PASS, not only can you download your entire gallery straight to your computer but you can make folders for your favorites!

So being able to download your images and not having to wait for the boring disc is super fab but the sharing feature of PASS is equally amazing! You can upload, manage and share your photo events in a way that is so simple to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or whatever other social media outlook you choose to stay connected with the world. Seriously just a click of a mouse!

Always on the go? Hate lugging your computer with you to show off your pics (just kidding, well kind of)? Now you can take PASS with you. Your gallery can be viewed on any smartphone. The galleries have been designed to work flawlessly with your smartphone or tablet device.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can even create your own app (seriously get appy) by saving your gallery link right to your home screen! (Umm, wow, I am behind in my game playing I guess! Sorry to those who are waiting for my move!)

So in my mind, this is another huge thing for PASS. It allows you to easily make print purchases for a super affordable price at a REAL, and I  do mean real PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY LAB. These are not your drug store poor print quality prints. I cringe when I hear where some go to make prints. Eeek! If you are like me, who does not like to shop in your jammies? Pictures are meant to be displayed, not stored on a disc for no one to see. I think my clients will love the convenience and the pricing options that go with PASS. Did I mention PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY LAB?

So what is the nitty gritty on an Upgraded PASS Session and just a regular PASS session? I see the options in my gallery.

All weddings will come with a complementary Upgraded PASS Session. An upgraded session allows you to keep your event online for a full year as well as ten years of secure backup. Yup, no more losing your disc, worrying about natural disasters etc. You can also download your entire session with the click a mouse!

All non wedding sessions come with a standard PASS gallery. You get all the benefits of downloading (however you must download one image at a time), sharing and viewing for 30 days. You have the option to upgrade the event through PASS for a small fee if you choose to do so. There is zero obligation to upgrade. You DO NOT have to upgrade the event to download your images.


So I think that’s the lowdown on PASS! Any questions, give me holler!

Great job, Love the photos! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them…

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